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FRP Cooling Tower

  The tower casing is made of FRP (Fiberglass reinforced plastic, designed & protected from harmful UV sun rays.
  Unique honey comb designed PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) Fills Provide enough surface area to cool hot water by surface heat transfer of air.
3. Corrosion Resistant:-
  FRP Casing, PVC Fills, Plastic Distribution pipes, hot dip/spray galvanized steel components makes the system corrosion free. Thus life of tower is enhanced.
4. Fan:-
  Fan are either FRP or cast aluminum and are aerodynamically balanced for best results.
5. IP - 55 Motor:-
  Our motor is of IP-55 standard, thus you don't need additional canopy for outdoor installation.
6. Long Life:-
  Our cooling tower casing & in fill are developed specifically, offers a superior quality fiberglass reinforced polyester, chemical resistance to corrosion, ultra violet radiation and thermal shock.
Thus the range of usage varies, from air conditioning system, Cold storage system, food processing industry, plastic industry and electro plating industries and so on.
7. Sprinkler:-
  The sprinkler rotate by self propulsion and eliminates the need of atomizing the water through nozzles, sealed ball bearing makes the system trouble free.
8. Range:-
  10TR to 400TR It can be tailor made as per your flow conditions. For bigger sizes contact the factory.



Model   Reeton Size DXH (MM) Motor H.P.
MGS10 10TR 1100*1800  0.5 H.P
MGS15 15TR 1220*2100 1.0 H.P
MGS20 20TR 1680*2200 1.5 H.P
MGS30 30TR 1680*2300 1.5 H.P
MGS40 40TR 2100*3000 2.0 H.P
MGS60 60TR 2100*3200 2.0 H.P
MGS80 80TR 2700*3800 3.0 H.P
MGS100 100TR 2700*3800 5.0 H.P
MGS125 125TR 2800*3800 5.0 H.P
MGS150 150TR 3000*3950 5.0 H.P
MGS200 200TR 3300*4300 7.5 H.P
MGS300 300TR 4250*4500 10.0 H.P
MGS400 400TR 4450*4700 12.5 H.P

*Due to constant up gradation specification are subject to change without notification.


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