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MGS AUTO DRAIN VALVE (Electronic Timer Based)

The entrainment of condensate along with air flow in compressed air system to end use applications are extremely harmful, if system not drained regularly. The ideal solution for regular effective draining oil & moisture form compressed Air System is MGS Electronic Auto Drain Valve.


  • Easy replacement of timer card only and not full assembly.

  • Longest drain time frequencies for saving compressed air energy.

  • Individual application capacities like receivers, filters and separators etc.

  • Longer service life by way of having supplied with inlet 'Y' type strainers.


Air receiver, After Cooler, Moisture separator, Filters, Dryers & Drop Legs etc.



  • Prevents moistures / oil carry over to pneumatic equipments.

  • Discharges Condensate with high velocity without clogging.

  • Lesser maintenance cost of pneumatically operated equipments

  • Increased operation efficiency of pneumatically operated equipments.


Interval time 1-128Min.(other on request)
Discharge time 4 sec (variable on request)
Manual test switch  
Supply voltage 230VAC (160-260VAC, 50Hz.) and other on request
Operating Temperature 75Deg C (Max. for enclosure)
  100 Deg C (Max.) for electronic and coil
Housing Material High Impact ABS
Connections DIN43650 with LED Indication

Red - Power on

Green - Drain

Yellow - Fault indication



Type 2/2 Way direct acting type
In/Out ports ", 3/8" and " BSP(F)
Max. working pressure 16 Bar
Max. temperature 55 Deg C ambient
Media temperature 90 Deg C
Valve body Forged Brass/Aluminum/SS316
Mounting Any position


Ordering Code

Sr. No.    
  Std. Code


1 Body Material
Brass OB
Aluminum OA
Stainless Steel SS
2 Working Pressure
3 Connection Size
1/2"BSP (F) 1
1/4"BSP (F) 4
3/8"BSP (F) 3
4 Supply Voltage
230VAC 1
110VAC 4
Other (Please Specify) 0
5 Enclosure
Dust Proof DP
Flame Proof FP


Note*:- High pressure/range can be offered on request.


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