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Gas Distribution Systems

One of the most critical points when using gas for analysis and high tech production is to maintain the integrity of the gas between the cylinder and instrument or reactor. The quality of the gas is often not better than the quality of the distribution system. Therefore, it is imperative to design and plan the gas supply system carefully. MGS offers numerous standard products, to meet most of customer's needs but also have the capacity to provide complete custom system design, fabrication, and installation.

The Central Gas Supply (CGS) philosophy helps to design a distribution system that gives control over the gas supply while addressing the need to maintain high quality and purity of the gas from the cylinder to the point of use. It is a design concept that removes all compressed gas cylinders from the laboratory workplace, relocates these cylinders to centralized controlled areas, and supplies required gases via an engineered piping network to multiple point of use locations. Benefits of a CGS are increased safety, improved operating economy, better working environment, and turnkey deliveries.

MGS also provides a wide range of distribution systems like cylinder filling manifolds, quads, cylinder manifolds for mobile vehicles, pressure regulation systems, filters, headers and other related equipment to suit individual customer's requirement.

Increased safety

  • The risk of accidents is reduced as there is no need to handle gas cylinders inside the work place.
  • Only low pressure equipment and small gas quantities are present in the work place.
  • Gas cylinders are collected under one roof which facilitates removal and safety management.

Improved operating economy

  • A continuous gas supply to each work station means less wasted time and fewer unplanned disruptions for changing gas cylinders.
  • Fewer and larger gas cylinders which together supply all users, means more effective cylinder management, which in turn gives lower costs for gas and cylinder rental as well as transport charges.

Better working environment

  • Outlets positioned at each work station are convenient and easy to use.
  • The work place can be designed more appropriately better space management and economics.
  • Greatly reduces risk to personnel.

Turn key deliveries

  • "MGS" has extensive knowledge in the gas industry and provides consultation during system design to installation and start-up.
  • Design follows generally accepted codes, standards and practices.

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