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Heated type Medium/Low Pressure Dryer

This particular type of dryer provides an efficient, economical and easy way to maintain method of drying compressed air and gases. The drying medium (Silica gel or Activated Alumina ) is contained in two pressure vessels. While chamber I is drying, air is passed over an electrical heater embedded in chamber II and carries out the desorbed moisture of this chamber. This type of system utilizes about 2-3% of the gas as a purge. It is an ideal system for gases requiring ultra low drying like dew points upto (-80C). Each column remains in line for about 6 hours. For regeneration, the desiccant is heated for about 3 hours and then cooled for another 3 hours before changeover. The operation is fully automatic. The main advantage of this type over heatless dryer is that the purge loss is reduced to almost 50% by incorporating heating element inside the desiccant towers.

Capacity: 50CFM to 2000CFM
Pressure Kg/m2g: 8-10 Kg/m2g
Moisture content (Dew-Point):

Minus (-)80 Deg. C Normal

Air/Gas Storage: Offer as per customers requirement
Dimensions: Tailor made designs as per customer's layout requirement

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