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Products Nitrogen Gas Generator




Nitrogen Gas Generator

Salient Features

  • Modular & Compact Design

  • Automatic Operation

  • Energy Efficient

  • High Reliability

  • Low Noise

  • Low Operation Cost

  • Suitable for most of the application

  • Minimum Maintenance

  • No Health Hazard

Working Principle

Pressure swing adsorption processes rely on the fact that under pressure, gases tend to be attracted to solid surfaces, or "adsorbed". The higher the pressure, the more gas is adsorbed; when the pressure is reduced, the gas is released, or desorbed. PSA processes can be used to separate gases in a mixture because different gases tend to be attracted to different solid surfaces more or less strongly. If a gas mixture such as air, for example, is passed under pressure through a vessel containing an adsorbent bed that attracts Oxygen more strongly than it does Nitrogen, part or all of the Oxygen will stay in the bed, and the gas coming out of the vessel will be Nitrogen. When the bed reaches the end of its capacity to adsorb Oxygen, it can be regenerated by reducing the pressure, thereby releasing the adsorbed Oxygen. It is then ready for another cycle of producing Nitrogen.




Flow Rate                            -- 10 LPM
Purity                                   -- 99.999%
Outlet Pressure                -- 4 - 6 Bar
Outlet Port                         -- 1/8 inch
Noise Level                        -- < 50 dBA
Feed Air inlet Flow            -- 60-80 LPM
Feed Air Inlet Pressure   -- 120 140 Psig
Power                                 -- 230 +/- 10% ,1 Ph, 50HZ
Control                                -- Automatic
Display                                -- All Critical parameters
Installation                         -- Indoor/outdoor with shelter
Operation Temp               -- 5 - 55 deg C
Size (in)                              -- 20 x 20 x 45
Weight                                -- 50 kg for Generator

Model No & Specification may change for betterment without prior intimation and any optional item or features on request.


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