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Split flow No Loss Type Drier

Here, the inlet Air/Gas is divided into two streams by a distributor, whereby 60-70% of wet fluid goes to the desiccant tower for moisture removal and then purpose, where its temperature is raised and then circulated into the second tower under regeneration. The moisture picked-up by this stream is separated out in a shell & tube type regeneration cooler. This regenerating air/gas at 40o C is passed back to the distributor and the presser at the outlet of the distributor is maintained equivalent to that of inlet Air/Gas. Since this is also a closed circuit, there is no loss of Compressed Air/Gas. The dew point up to (-) 80o (Atm.) can be achieved in this dryer.


Capacity: 100CFM to 1000CFM
Pressure Kg/m2g: 8-10 Kg/m2g
Moisture content (Dew-Point):

Minus (-)80 Deg. C Normal

Air/Gas Storage: Offer as per customers requirement
Dimensions: Tailor made designs as per customer's layout requirement

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