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Gas Purification Panel

Need for Gas purification panel in Gas Chromatography has been realized now beyond any doubts both for the column & the detector. Pure gas is of utmost importance in terms of efficiency & life of the column, as well as detector sensitively, accuracy & reproducibility of the result. It is therefore recommended that the selection of the system is done judiciously, considering all the physical & chemical properties offered by the system. Thus, one has to consider the genuinity of the materials used in the fabrication of the system, such as

  1. Tubing material, which has to be S.S. only,
  2. Treatment given to the gas lining for through cleaning,
  3. Type of fittings used for the working pressure range,
  4. Material of construction to withstand the operating pressure,
  5.  Quality of the chemicals used for gas purification in terms of their physicals & chemical properties, etc.

Apart from these, what is of utmost important is zero leakage of the system. We, at MGS, check the system thoroughly prior to its dispatch from our factory, as well as installation at the site. This guarantees a long term trouble- free & satisfactory working of the system.


Gas Control Box

From a Gas Purification System, purified gases can be supplied to a number of Gas Chromatographs through Gas Control Boxes when each instrument requires different delivery pressure & flow. The Gas Control Box consists of ON/OFF valve & pressure regulator to control the gas flow as well as delivery pressure & gauges to indicate inlet gas pressure from the system as well as delivery pressure to the instrument. This helps in using various types of Gas Chromatographs in the same Gas line for different types of application where the operating pressure & flow are totally different. Gas Control Box can be installed on a wall or Instrument Table & can be supplied as per the specifications of the Customers.


High Flow Gas Control Box

The need for Gas Control Box for LCMS, ICP & AAS arises due to requirement of controlling high flows & inlet as well as delivery pressure from the vicinity of the instrument. The unit comprises " S.S. tubing, ON/OFF valve, pressure regulator & gauges, enabling the operator to have a close control over these parameters, with indications. The unit can be designed as per the specific customer needs.


Mini Gas Station

Generally a Gas Purification System is supplied to cater the need for a number of Gas Chromatographs. In order to make each Gas Chromatograph operationally independent, one has to use a Mini Gas Station with each Gas Chromatograph with ON/OFF valve for each gas. These are normally fitted on the wall or the Instrument table from where the Gas Purification Panel is visible to indicate the gas inlet & the delivery pressure to the instrument.


Moisture Traps

High efficiency Silica gel & Molecular sieves are used for the purpose of removing moisture from the carrier gas. Silica gel is of indicating type changing its colour from blue to pink on use, having high moisture capacity. Molecular sieves are of spherical shape, yielding high mechanical strength & low dusting. Both the materials are of regenerable type.



Hydrocarbon Traps

Activated charcoal is used for the purpose of removing hydrocarbon impurities from the carrier as well as fuel gases, especially for reducing the errors in analysis while using FID. These materials have a very large surface area & pore diameter to adsorb large size hydrocarbon molecules.



Removal of Oxygen from gases takes place only with the help of catalytic type of materials, which also work only under specific operating conditions. We use pre-treated catalyst which can be regenerated & has comparatively better activity under normal working conditions. Oxytraps are supplied with either indicating or non-indicating type of catalyst.


Gas Tubing

We supply smooth and clean bore tubing for gases in various sizes and materials such as Copper, S.S., Nylon, Teflon etc. These are manufactured using high purity materials to suit the requirement for Gas Chromatographic applications. The tubes have mechanical properties such as strength, flexibility and finish appropriate for the desired purpose.


Gas Regulators

Gas Regulators play a vital role in day to day operation of the Gas Chromatographs. We cater to the specific needs of the user & supply various types of single stage and double stage regulators with indigenous/imported gauges in Brass/S.S. body with S.S. diaphragms. Regulators supplied by us do not have any leakage problems, indicate correct pressure & are smooth in operation.



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