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Connection of Gas cylinders to the Manifold systems is established with help of Pigtails. These are made of Teflon tubing with external Stainless Steel flexible protection. The end connectors are suitably designed to fit on the Gas cylinder, Regulator as well as Manifold systems.


Manifold Systems

Use of Manifold systems is recommended when the consumption of Gas is large & replacement of the cylinder is frequent. These are supplied in Brss/ S.S. with proper mounting, which makes reconnection of cylinders a simpler task. Manifold System has a commercial advantage that only one regulator is required per manifold irrespective of number of cylinders.


Multi Cylinder Connection System

This is essentially modified version of manifold system where more than 2 cylinders are required to be used with one instrument. These can be used all at a time or one at time by only opening & closing a valve. This simplifies the operation & in turn also improves the life of the Regulators.


Needle Valves

We supply various types of Needle valves for low as well as high pressure & flow ranges, With end fitting threading as per customers requirement. However, we have specialized on fine control action of the needle valve, which requires precision in fabrication of various parts of the needle valve. These are used by our customers for different applications.


Zero Air Generator

We supply Air Generator suitable for Gas Chromatography. This equipment is suitable for supplying Dry Air with very low moisture & Hydro Carbon content. Dry air sufficient for about 4 GCs can be delivered with this Generator. The equipment is supplied with Oil Free Compressor with desired rating. The equipment can be updated for TOC Analyzer, by adding a Catalytic bed to reduce HC levels below 0.1 ppm.


Ultrasonic Bath

We supply Ultrasonic Baths with high quality Stainless Steel Tub in various sizes as per the customers requirements. It is supplied with an in-built Power Supply unit which makes it compact. The model is Table top type. It has a low noise power generator to suit applications such as Helium degassing, sample dissolving, apparatus cleaning etc.


Cylinder Trolley

We have fabricated & supplied Cylinder Trolleys in a very large number over the past few years. Advantage of our Cylinder Trolley is its smooth mechanical working which helps in easy transportation of the Gas Cylinders. The wheels are made up of high strength polymer material, which move freely on its axle & have longer life.


Gas Purification Panel - Economical Model

Based on the requirement of some of our customers, we have developed an Economical Model of Gas Purification Panel. This is especially useful for customers who have comparatively smaller Gas Chromatographic set-up or limited use & budgets. The purification material quantity is little less than the regular models, whereas the material quality is the same which ensures the desired performance.




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